Welcome to our ultimate social page. Where creators (who applied in a form) make posts for you to laugh at, experiments that we would like you to test. And obviously, GAMES!!! There is also badges for creating a game and also for being in the mobile app! Not only that, we also have videos to keep you entertained - it is different from posts because it's more longer. Would you like to get started?


On most parts of the site, we don't use any third-party cookies to track you, and we also don't feature any ads. In the registeration, we never ask for your birthday - we ask if you are in a certain age group (which are 0-12, 13-17 and 18+). We use these age groups to see which content is best for you. Also, you can also change the background color. Want to do it now? Do so below.

We also feature some guidelines, you can read them. Do you feel interested into knowing the badges we made? Here are the stats of all the badges which are below.

Name Icon Achieve
Staff Staff Users who had passed the Staff Application Form.
Creator Creator Users who had at least a hundred likes on five posts.
Entertainer Entertainer Users who had passed the TV Upload Form at least once.
Game Game Users who had their games uploaded sucessfully.
Bot Bot Users who are controlled by a script - this is unobtainable.
Mobile Mobile Users who logged/registered on the mobile app.